Tingomat 360


TINGOMAT 360 is the first instrument developed for automatic immunostaining of proteins on free-floating tissue sections


  •   Staining capacity: 360 sections between 25 – 50 µm in thickness
  •   Five different immunostaining protocols
  •   Suitable for both chemical and multiple fluorescent staining
  •   Continuous workflow
  •   Temperature control for reagents and tissue sections
  •   Flexible choice of antibody combination


Weight: 35 kg

Dimensions: 50x40x40cm (L x H x W)

Line: ~220-230 V




Results generated by Tingomat 360


Microglia staining in the rat brain cortex.

DAB immunohistochemistry.


Visualization of cortical neurons by NeuN immunofluorescence


Cellular proliferation in the perifinfarct area of a post-stroke rat brain.

Double immunofluorescence, BrdU-positive nuclei are shown in red and nestin in green.


3D image of a cross-sectioned blood vessel in the brain.

Blue: smooth muscle actin;

Green: BrdU-positive nuclei

Red: Endothelial cells