Tingomat 500


Tingomat 501 & 401 – the first device for fully automated immunostaining of free floating tissue sections, by Prof. Dr. Aurel Popa-Wagner, Department of Psychiatry, Rostock University Medical School

Tingomat 501 is the first device for fully automated immunostaining of up to 360 free floating sections. It is an ideal tool for laboratories working with a large number of cryosections to facilitate labwork and routine and saves precious time.

Tingomat 501 provides you an excellent temperature control of both reagents and tissue sections.You may perform any standard staining protocol with your Tingomat 501, as well as any chemical or fluorescence staining. Furthermore the Tingomat 501 can be programmed to perform your preferred combination of antibodies according to your individual staining protocol. If you are not working with a standard protocol, any of your individual protocols may be easily programmed (custom programming).

Your Tingomat 501 reduces human errors and avoids waste of time and reagents. It works with an outstanding reliability and reproducibility.

The following pictures show excellent staining results for chemical and in fluorescent staining as well:


Chemical staining: Tissue distribution and phenotype of ANXA3-positive cells in rat brain 14 days after reversible cerebral ischemia.(Reproduced from our publication: Junker et al., Glia, 55: 1630-1637)